Educational institutes are character building organization and students are the real products of the organization. Only quality people can change the society, develop the nation, and preserve the human value. Realizing these facts, School of Business encourages students to encircle the quality people through the different quality clubs. Most of the talent, intelligent, and growth mindset students have established different clubs of their own interest.
Following Quality Circle (Students' Club) have been established in different period.

Students clubs have their own guiding principles and legal framework (bidhan) for the good governance and well operation of the different activities.
The objectives of the clubs are to encourage students to involve in the extra curriculum activities with innovative idea and out of the box mindset, community works, and interaction with the industry and societies and learn from the practices and experiences.

Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Club (AEC)

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club (AEC) is one of the student clubs

Creative Association for Research and Education (CARE)

Classroom teaching is not sufficient to acquire the knowledge in the competitive world so t

I.D.E.A.S. (Involvement Development Evaluation Achievement and Success)

The I.D.E.A.S. provides a chance for students to interact with fellow students, faculty, business leaders, and the sur

Pokhara University Council of Management Students (PUCMS)

The moral behaviour and discipline is

Sharing Harmony in New Environment (SHINE)

Sharing Harmony in New Environment (SHINE) was established by students of Pokhara Universit


School of Business Students’ Quality Council


Society for Athletics and Artistic Spirit

Pokhara University Council of Management Students (PUCMS) was founded in 2018 by students of Pokhara

Society of Entrepreneur and Educational Development (SEED)


Society of Entrepreneurial and Educational Development (SEED) is a first c

Study Group for Banking and Insurance (SGBI)

Study Group for Banking and Insurance