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JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (JBM) (ISSN:2350-8868) is an academic journal  published  by  the  School of Business. The Journal publishes research article in the field of management, economics and related fields. The main objective of JBM is to act as a platform for disseminating knowledge which contributes to the improvement of management practices in developing nation and also to provide an intellectual publication outlet for Nepalese scholars, a platform in which research in alternative paradigms for business management and economic inquiry could be presented and debated.

JBM promotes cooperation and communication among the academics and practitioner interested in management, business and  economic  issues in developing nations. We also seek to offer new perspectives on business management in general, in line with our underlying commitment to a more ethical and sustained business culture. JBM envisages to create an new forum for the scholarly community by focusing upon management issues in developing countries.

The Editorial Board welcomes your articles contributions, suggestions and support for achieving its vision.

The Journal of Business and Management is also indexed in NepJol

 Aims and Scope

Our aim is publishing papers of high quality, originality and relevance so that JBM appeals to leading researchers as well as to professional managers. To be acceptable for publication, papers should make a substantial contribution to the business sector, be technically well- crafted and be of interest to management academia and professionals at large, and most importantly, be empirical in nature. We welcome research papers, as well as, case studies on business and management issues relevant to developing nations, based upon original ideas and research. Consistent with its policy, the journal publishes empirical research in accounting, applied economics, finance industrial relations, political science, psychology, sociology,  statistics,   english   and   communication and other disciplines, provided the application is to management, as well as research in specific area as such as marketing, entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, operation management, organization development, decision analysis, and other problem-focused paradigms.

General Description

Frequency: Annual

Month of Publication :March 


The Journal of Business and Management is a key source of research articles for research scholars and consultants in different management areas, policy makers and government establishments, management trainers, practitioners. CEOs, functional managers and project managers in Operations, Marketing, Human Resource Development & Organization Management, Information & Telecommunication Management, etc., and libraries and information centers serving the needs of the above.

Review Process

It is the major editorial policy to review the submitted articles as fast as possible and promptly include them in the forthcoming issues should they pass the evaluation process. There shall be a double-blind review process of manuscripts by one or more anonymous independent referees who are conversant in the pertinent subject area. The journal allows a maximum of three revisions of any manuscripts. The ultimate responsibility of any decision lies with the editorial board.

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