Students’ Welfare and Career Counseling Cell


The Career counseling and professional development cell have been established with the objective of developing employability and soft skills in students, counsel the students with poor academic achievements and students having behavioral problems, organize seminars, workshops, and training for students on different aspects of skill development required for job placement, promote discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitude in students and supervise and monitor the various activities organized by student’s club.

The cut-throat competition at all levels in the job market demands a support system that enables the students of an institution not only the attainment of academic excellence but to find a comfortable placement in life. 

The cell undertakes various activities of training and grooming of students in terms of conducting mock interviews, GD sessions, resume writing workshops, HR meetings, etc. along with providing placement assistance to students.  



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Major Activities
  1. Workshop on Professional Development: The cell organized one day workshop on professional development and career counseling workshop on 26th January 2019. It was designed for graduate students of business management. The workshop aimed to enhance the employability and professionalism of students through modular training on interpersonal communication, self-awareness and career exploration, resume writing.

The objective of the workshop was to develop calm and pleasant composure and personality through the practice of mindfulness, to identify their values, interests, motivations, and traits and develop deeper self-awareness, to learn active listening and interpersonal communication skills, and to prepare a professional resume. The workshop utilized participatory and action-based training modules. This experiential workshop also used state-of-the-art scientifically developed personality assessment online software to profile the student's personality including their interest, values, and motivations and career fit. The workshop also comprised of ice-breaking, management games, and energizer sessions.  The workshop also comprised of the training of mindfulness that helps to cultivate the pleasant, calm, and composed personality of students. Dr. Kishor Adhikari facilitated the workshop.  He is currently involved in mentoring, and soft skills training of management students as well as teaching Career Development and International Human Resource Management courses in the MBA program at Uniglobe College, Kathmandu. He is the founder of People Development Lab Pvt. Ltd. Which is a technology company that combines the power of data and psychology to redefine the way career guidance, coaching, and leadership development processes are conducted

Prof. Chiranjibi Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, Pokhara University inaugurated the workshop. The workshop was chaired by Dr. Rabindra Ghimire, Director, School of Business, Pokhara University. Distinguished personalities from the financial and insurance sector were also invited as a guest in the workshop. The program was sponsored by Nepal Sun-Life Insurance Company, Pokhara, and Om Development Bank Ltd, Pokhara.