Pokhara University Council of Management Students (PUCMS)

Founded Date: 2018-05-01

The moral behaviour and discipline is most important virtue of the human being than knowledge and skill. Pokhara University Council of Management Students (PUCMS) was founded in 2018 by students of Pokhara University, School of Business. The purpose of establishment of the council is to encourage students to participate in extra curriculum activities, contribute the society and develop as a responsible citizen. PUCMS aims to organise various program with the initiation and leadership of the students, coordination with academic institutions, government organisations, private sector, and community. 


  • To build network among students for the effective communication, organising activities and helping to each other,
  • To organize students' welfare activities  and personality development  programs
  • To develop culture of team work and leadership quality among students.
  • To organize extra curriculum activities with the participation of the students
  • To organize various programs viz. workshop, training, seminars, oratory programs.

Executive Committee 2023/24

President Mr.Arjun Timsina  Member Sanjita Panday Other Coordinator & Member      
VicePresident Ms.Sadikshya Pokhrel Member Rabin Lamsal  Caltural Team   

Bibek Nepali , Sonam Thapa 

Ms.Sabina Chhetri Member Sujit Karki Event Managers    Abisak Lamsal, Prasiddha Sahani  
Secretary Mr.Bibek Paudel Member Nisha Thapa Magar  Contract Head    Binita Bhandari  
Co Secretary Ms.Anuja Paudel Head of Directors  Mr Bikram Lamichhane  Mambership Co-ordinators   Sandhya Tripathi,Samip Dahal  
Treasure Mr.Bhawish Tiwari Media Team Incharge  Sandil Karki  Sport Co-Ordinators    Subas Bastola , Gumzen Thapa  
Co Treasure Mr.Sujan Kandel Media Team Sub  Incharge Sushant Lamichhane  Public Relationship Team   Shushil Luitel , Rajan Poudel  
Member Nikita Ojha  Media Team Sub  Incharge Bishal Naupane  Fund Raisers    Mr.Sagar Adhakari  
Member Suguna Paudel                       

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Phone number: 9862956832

Email :  pucms18@gmail.com