Workshop and Trainings

Workshop, interaction, training and seminar are an integral part of the learning-teaching of School of Business. Master program students compulsorily require to attend at least four seminar and other seminar as per their specialization courses. Besides, school organizes workshop, interaction, training and seminar program with the close coordination of industry, national and international academic, professional and commercial institutions. The objective of such a program is to enhance the skill and knowledge on particular subject matters, develop the leadership quality and to update the students in contemporary issues on commerce, and industry, business and trade, management and administration. Every year large numbers of such programs have been organized and will be continued in the future.

Students focused on such programs are organized by student clubs, career counseling and professional development cell, Employment and Placement Cell, Alumni Association, Research management cell and school administration. The school encourages students to organizes such programs to enhance the knowledge and impart the level of understanding of the students. 

vision Board shine
Seminar by Students
seminar by SEED
Workshop Corporate seminar 

 Guest Classes

Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there.

Some of the benefits of guest lectures to students is:

  • they get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field, 

  • enhance educational experience. 

  • get a glimpse into the everyday life of the speaker, which they can’t get anywhere else.

  • learn in their textbooks and what they learn from the guest speaker.  


Besides the regular lectures of the faculties, School invites the professors from the universities of different countries and different universities, Chief Executive Officers of corporate houses,  experts from industries to deliver the guest classes. Renowned personalities from different sectors used to visit universities and deliver lecturer.

Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker's particular field. One important benefit that is derived from having a guest speaker is the enhancement of the students' educational experience.  



 Photographs of Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture Prof Bhattrai and Dr. Ram Phuyal