Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Club (AEC)

Founded Date: 2019-05-15

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club (AEC) is one of the student clubs of School of Business which was formed in 2019 as a common forum of MBA students of PUSOB. It was established by the initiation of students to nurture creativity among the students. The objective of AEC is to explore the inner qualities of the students through different co-curriculum activities.  It aims to encourage the students to involve in extra co-curriculum activities, and involve in social service-related works. It also provides opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom.

Students have a variety of options to choose from. AEC gives students the chance to express themselves in a non-academic setting. It encourages members to expose their creativity, imagination and writing skills. The club helps the student to become socially committed, pro-active and concerned citizen. This club motivates students to develop public speaking skills and speak friendly in a man in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence or entertain the listener.


  • To carry out an academic and intellectual program in order to explore the intrinsic competency of students.
  • To organise different program like talk program, seminar, conference, workshop, interactions, training oratory program, financial sector microfinance, capital market-related areas.
  • To carry out field study, published journals, magazine and dissemination the findings,
  • To increase financial literacy through raising awareness.
  • To encourage students for a great initiative in a different social program which helps students enhance their personal improvement.
  • To support college management to implement the plans and program, enhance the quality of the education.

Executive Committee

President Mr. Samunnat Adhikari Member Ms. Asmita Baral
Vice President Ms. Swostika Ligal Member Mr. Lalit Bahadur Shahi
Secretary Mr. Ritesh Thapa Member Mr. Dhan Bahadur Jagiri
Co-Secretary Ms.Binita Thapa Member Ms. Aushma Timilsina
Treasurer Mr. Kushal Poudel Member Shila Karki
Member Mr. Nabin Poudel



Mobile: +977 9843597879


  Club Activities

  • Cleanliness Program