The school runs according to the College / School Management Related Regulations, 2060 (Second amendment). Rules 7 provisions a School Management Committee in order to manage and develop the school efficiently. The School Management Committee comprises of 5 members including Chairman under the Chairmanship of Dean of Faculties of Management Studies and four members. The committee is formed by the Executive Council. The tenure of the members is three years.


1. Chairman  : Dean, Faculty of Management Studies (ex officio)
2. Member     :

An industrialist among the Industrialists to be nominated by  Registrar

3. Member     : A teacher among the teachers to be nominated by Dean, Faculty of Management Studies
4. Member     : An educationist among the educationists to be nominated by Vice-Chancellor
5. Member     : Director, School of Business (ex officio)
Member from (2), (3) and (4) to be appointed by the Executive Council.