PUSOBAA (Pokhara University School of Business Alumni Association)

Ex-students are the assets of the school and they can be regarded as the ambassador of the university. There is a large number of graduates and ex-students of School of Business, since its inception in 1999 AD, working in various sectors of the country and abroad exhibiting knowledge, skill, talent and efficiency. In order to bring them together for the greater benefit of Pokhara University, our society and our nation as a whole and create an environment for their positive contribution, Pokhara University School of Business Alumni Association (PUSOBAA) was established as a common forum for all such ex-students of Pokhara University.
The major objectives of the association will be:
(a) To act as a bridge between the university and its graduates and former students of the School of Business, Pokhara University
(b) To enhance and promote the image, progress and development of Pokhara University
(c) To conduct various activities in coordination with the university
(d) To promote cooperation between the University, the private and public sectors and industry in general.
(e) To promote the academic and professional excellence of the University through its own capacity and linkage
The association is expected to perform the following activities:
(a)  Support the School to find a better place for internship and guide the intern properly and provide a better environment of learning within the organization and make available better opportunity of learning.
(b)  Provide the information of job vacancy and guides the students in career development.