Cleanliness Program

Published on: 2020-05-05

Cleanliness Program:

The AEC on the date 2019/05/24 conducted waste management around the Pokhara University’s school of business premises. With 43 participants on that program which commenced under the supervision of Dr Rabindra Ghimire, Director of Pokhara University, School of Business and under the sponsorship of Goodluck Resort, Lekhnath.

First of all, with collective and selfless service vested for the University, this deed surely proved to be a great initiative, the garden on the left side and behind the School of Business was cleaned by the students of 2019 MBA batch.

The executive members of the AEC along with the general members we were tasked into several groups like a group separated non-degradable waste and degradable wastes whereas the other groups sorted the weed and wildflowers. Moreover, some students also planted some new plants and trees in the cleaned area, which has thrived and grown healthy beautifying the university premise even more. Other notable mentions were, Mr Bharat Raj Wagle, who facilitated students with dustbins, spade, axe and plough to unroot weeds and flower beds, he also managed some surgical masks and surgical gloves for the students.

The program lasted for around two hours and was inaugurated after Dr Ghimire handed over a shovel to the President (Mr. Sammunant Adhikari) and a mattock to the secretary(Mr Ritesh Thapa). Finally, about 8 large dustbins full of waste had been collected and the Management building was visibly cleaner.