Students Welfare and Extension Cell


Volunteering is an essential part of learning since it helps students to take responsibility as open-minded, principled citizens in a global community. While performing community service, students have the opportunity to see first-hand just how much their work can have an impact on society. Community service gives students an opportunity to explore academic interests through a real-world lens. Realizing the importance of the extension works of the students, Students Welfare and Extension Cell has been established in the School of Business. The objectives of the cell are to motivate students to engage in community welfare activities and working with industries and carry out the welfare activities that help to needy and deprived students in different ways.





Mr.Hem Kanta Poudel 






 Keshav Lamichhane               Member    





 Bal Chandra Paudel 




Toran Bahadur B.K



Students of MBA and BBA/BBA-BI organized a banking literacy campaign in Rupakot Rural Municipality. Students quality clubs like AEC, SGBI, and PUCMS coordinated with Sunrise Bank, and were more than 30 students participated in Kholau Bank khata Aviyaan. Altogether, more than 800 accounts of the elderly citizen were opened. The objective of the program was to help elderly citizens to open their bank accounts so that they could get social security allowances through bank accounts.