Classes Representatives Meetings and Selection of Students Representative

Published on: 2020-02-23

A meeting of Classes Representatives of three programs (MBA, BBA and BBA-BI) was organized on 2076/11/11. There is the presence of Director, Program Coordinators, faculties, staffs, and CRs from all programs. The meeting discussed various issues on the students' responsibility on teaching and learning. The objective of the meeting was to select three representatives from each program and select one out of the three programs and out of three representatives, select one as a member of the IQAC. CRs raised various issues during the discussion. Some suggestions were received from students:

  • CRs are performing various jobs voluntarily but their role is not recognized by the administration so that from today, CRs want recognition by any means from the administration.
  • Students should be well informed about the academic calendar of the running semesters
  • Should sufficient place for tournaments

The decision of the meeting:

  1. The meeting selected the following three students as representative of the program
    1. Kushal Paudel, MBA Program
    2. Suprim Khanal, BBA program
    3. Anusha Gyawali, BBA-BI program
  2. Kushal Paudel is selected representative from students as a member of the Internal Quality Assurance Committee.
  3. The CRs meeting will be held on a regular basis
  4. CRs will be properly recognized by the administration