Faculty Research Grants Committee


The Faculty Research Grants Committee facilitates the entire activities related to faculty research. FRGC calls proposal, evaluate and recommend for the award, evaluate the research reports and recommendation for the financial support. School provides financial support to the successful proposals. 


Responsibilities of the Committee

  • To formulate the guidelines, procedure, criteria for the evaluation of the research proposal in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the research works within the framework developed by the Academic Council of University and Pokhara University Research Centre.
  • To call for a research proposal to faculties of School of Business on a regular basis.
  • To evaluate the research proposal based on given criteria, award the contract to the successful research proposal (faculty) and recommend to the management of SOB for research grants.
  • To review the progress of research projects, provide suggestions, assist researchers, and recommend the final payment if the report is accepted by the experts.
  • To organise the workshop and training to impart the knowledge and skill of faculties on academic research, and suggest relevant, genuine, and important issues for the study.
  • To encourage the faculty to disseminate the research findings in the national and international forum, conference and journals.
  • To provide feedback to the Research Management Cell, Graduate Research Project Committee, and Project Works Committee for the furtherance of the research quality of the university.




Currently, the committee comprises 3 members including the coordinator.

 Prof. Hari Bahadur Khadka


Prof. Dr. Gyaneshwor Sharma





Mr.Subarna Bir.J.B. Rana (Member)






















Research is an important proposition of the School of Business. MBA student requires to carry out original research works and submit the report which is coined as Graduate Research Project in the final trimester. Graduate Research Project (GRP) is a partial requirement for the fulfilment of the MBA degree. The report needs to follow the scientific research methods and present the study report in the prescribed format to be acceptable by the university. 


Responsibility of GRP Committee 

  • To prepare the detail guidelines of the GRP report and set the standards of the report. 
  • To carry out the orientation program, training, workshop, and interaction program to enhance the research knowledge and skills of students and supervisors, share the experience among the faculties, supervisors, experts, and external evaluators.
  • To the defence, the research proposals, assign the supervisors, assign the internal evaluators to review the report, organize the viva, evaluate the reports and forward the marks to the concerned authority.
  • To explore the relevant, genuine, and important issues and suggest to students to carry out the research on these issues, coordinate with industries to explore the genuine issues and encourage the students for the research on the contemporary research area.
  • To provide feedback to the Research Management Cell, Graduate Research Project Committee, and Project Works Committee for the betterment of the research quality of the university.
  • To keep the inventory of research students, alert the students who have less than six months period to complete the period.


List of GRP reports of MBA of Pokhara University

List of Master Theses

Download GRP Guidelines





GRP committee comprises of five members as follows:

Dr. Surya Bahadur G.C




Mr.Bal Ram Bhattarai



Dr.Rabindra Ghimire

(Member )


Mr.Deepanjal Shrestha 



Pramod Giri, Assistant Administrator

Member -Secretary

(Ex officio Education Administration, MBA)





Research methodology related workshops are organized to train the faculty and student researchers to pick up the right kind of research problem and equipping them with the necessary skills of conducting quality research. Another important objective is to inculcate intensive research culture in institutions of higher learning and strengthen the foundation of research. The RMC by an organization of various capacity building programs intends to provide an opportunity to the research scholars, young faculty members engaged in research and allied activities to upgrade their knowledge on research methodology and enrich their skills. 

Some of the programs conducted by SoB are as follows:



Workshop Title



Application of mixed methods in management and business research

1st – 3rd June 2019


Simulation and experiential learning in management education

29th -31st May 2019


Contemporary approaches to mixed-method research in business and management

30thNov-1stDec, 2018


Faculty Development Program in Risk Management and Insurance

17th- 22nd Sep 2018


Pedagogy, evaluation tools and scoring techniques in higher education

13rd - 15th Sep 2018


Business Research Methodology workshop

15th- 21st Aug 2018


International Conference on Business, Society and Governance

26th - 28th Feb 2017


Important Link

Pokhara University Research Centre: https://pu.edu.np/research/purc/?preview=true