Two day seminar on contemporary issue in corporate governance

Published on: 2020-05-24

Every year School of Business organizes Corporate Governance Seminar where final year students of the MBA program actively participate and present their theoretical and empirical research papers on the different issues of corporate governance.  Students examine the current literature on major governance issues and prepare a paper to be presented to the general class as approved by the instructor.  

The program organizes by students and supports by the School of Business. Faculty members mentor the students, practitioners and experts in the field judge the papers, deliver the speech at the seminar.

The Corporate Governance Seminar is a platform to impart the knowledge of students on the models, mechanisms, and emerging issues in corporate governance, stakeholder rights and responsibilities, issues pertaining to the board of directors and management, audit committees, corporate practices and legislations on corporate governance and responsibility. The graduate seminar in corporate governance addresses the various contemporary issues through discussion, selected readings and case analysis.